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Emil K. Blessing (1921)

About the maker:

This is an Emil K. Blessing Trumpet, built in 1921, serial number 15334.
It has an extra Rotary switch to change from Bb to A. Unfortunately, the leadpipe is broken, the rotary switch is stuck and one of the valves is damaged, so it is not playable.

I have started repairs and gave this a new leadpipe. Obviously not a professional job, but it doesn't look too bad and, more importantly, it now "plays". However, the 2nd valve is still broken and can't be used, so the trumpet plays only with the 1st and 3rd valve, in A or Ab depending on how you set the rotor switch. The rotor switch is currently not adjustable with the knob, but only by screwing off the knob and valve cap and turning the rotor by hand (so no quick-change). Next steps are fixing the 2nd valve and the rotor knob.

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