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Emil K. Blessing

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Originally from Germany, Emil Karl Blessing emigrates to the USA in 1896 and is working for Holton in 1903. He moves to Elkhart in 1907 and starts making his own instruments in a shop behind his house. By 1926 his company is know as Emil K. Blessing Co. and in 1936 changes name to E. K. Blessing Band Instruments Co. A new factory is built in 1940 and by 1942 the company is known as E.K. Blessing Inc. Emil dies in 1954 and his son Emil Jr. takes over. The company merges with Martin to form the Richards Music Company in 1961. Emil Sr.'s Son-in-Law Merle Johnson buys the company in 1964 after RMC collapsed and the company is again known as E.K. Blessing Inc.
In 2009 the company is sold to Verne Powell Flutes and in 2015 to St. Louis Music and the brand name still remains today.

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