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Auguste Henri Rott

In my collection:

Born in Brod, Bohemia in 1815 as August Jakub Rott, he started at the young age of ten as apprentice instrument maker in Prague with Anton Lippert or Geppert. After 4 years, Rott traveled around and studied and worked in Vienna, Graz, Triëst and Milan.
Back in Prague, he started his own company together with his brother Vincenc Josef in 1832 or 1839 as "Gebrüder Rott". After a few years, the brothers decided to split and August Jakub continued the company alone. In 1841 he changed his middle name to Jindrich and the company was now known as "August Jindrich Rott". However, as he distributed his instruments internationally, he was known under several names: in Czech it was "August Jindrich", in English "August Henry", in French "Auguste Henri", in German "August Heinrich", in Spanish "Augusto Enrique" and in Italy "Augusto Enrico". Hence all these names can occur on instruments from this company.
After his death in 1868, his son Frantisek Karel took over the company and added "son" (also in the appropriate languages, so "syn", "son", "fils", "sohn", "hijo") to the name. After 1945 the company became part of the Amati-coöperation and as such still remains known simply as "Rott".

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