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A. Cordier

This is a French Wrap model cornet by A. Cordier a Paris. I got it just for fun, as some kind of challenge to see if I could get it back in shape. As you can see, it was in rough shape when it arrived...

At first, there where no visible markings, but after some cleaning a faintly inscribed name became visible. It read "A. C***D*ET" and "a Paris" with an address in the middle but this was (and still is) very hard to read. I remembered a trick my father used and put some shoe shine paste on. Some letters became more clear and now I could read "A. CO*D*ER". On Horn-u-Copia I found Cordier and after seeing the only instrument in the database by Cordier (a Cornopean) I am convinced that my Cornet has the same inscription.
Unfortunately, not much is known about A. Cordier as a maker. He is more known as a Publisher, so I actually suspect that he was a dealer in stencil instruments. There are several known addresses and the one I believe is on my Cornet is "Rue Saint-Sauveur 82" but I am not sure.

I was not able to repair it back to playing condition, so it went to another home as decoration.

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