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About the maker:

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This is a Cornet made by Kessels Muziekinstrumentfabriek Den Haag, between 1931 - 1934.
When it came to my house, the leadpipe was cracked and I noticed the leadpipe and the bell section were soldered straight to the valve block, without any braces. The brace between leadpipe and bell section was broken/missing. I suspect that at some point the bell was replaced with a bell from a French wrap model cornet, as there is a pinky ring on it and it has traces of soldering on the left hand side. The way the bell was attached, it was hanging in the way of the 3rd valve slide.
Since the leadpipe was cracked, I decided I had to replace that. Unfortunately, the only replacement I had was from an old Couesnon cornet in High Pitch. I decided to also add braces between leadpipe and valve block and bell section and valve block.
The repairs are not very clean, but they work and it was a good way to practice my repair skills.
Unfortunately the cornet is now not in modern pitch, but with a longer tuning bit it comes very close.

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