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Gautrot Aine & Cie (+/- 1888)

Hear me play this instrument on

About the maker:

This is a Gautrot Aine & Cie cornet in Bb.
The cornet has beautifully crafted details. Apart from a few dents and weathered silver plating, it is in very good condition, except for a crack in the bell. However, in my opinion this does not affect the sound.

Given the names of both Gautrot and Couesnon & Cie, I suspect that the cornet dates from the period around 1888, after Couesnon took over the Gautrot company and eventually stopped using the name. It also looks very similar to the "Cornet 'Exposition' modèle FL" that Couesnon registered an image of in 1888: There is an "F" on the leadpipe, no "FL" though...

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