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Unknown Maker (poss. Rudolph Wurlitzer)

Hear me play this instrument on

This cornet has no markings, so the maker is not known. The model is quite unique, with the diagonal valve port line-up; so far I have not found another one like this anywhere. There is a model that looks very, very similar in the 1893 Catalogue of the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company.
I am 90% convinced it is the same model, but not 100% sure. I've added the picture from that catalogue so you can decide for yourself. However, Wurlitzer mostly imported their instruments from Europe but didn't make any themselves at the time. So who the real maker is still remains a mystery.

At first, it was not playable as it was missing a valve guide. The type is not commonly available in modern times, so I made one from plastic. It is not perfect but works for me. It is also missing a spit valve port, so I had to tape the hole.

With the (quite short and probably not original) tuning bit that came with it, and the regular main tuning slide, it plays in D which is not very common. Luckily I have some spares...
A regular bit has it playing in C#, wich indicates it is probably High Pitch. With an even longer bit (an A-bit for regular Bb cornets) it plays in modern C.
Combinations with the longer slide can make it play in C, B and Bb but intonation becomes very problematic, as the 1st and 3rd slide are stuck and cannot be adjusted for the extra length.

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